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                 SCHOOL'S BACKGROUND

Bellefield High School, located in Bellefield, Manchester, is perched on the lushly vegetated slopes of the Mocho Mountains, about 1.6 kilometers from Williamsfield and eight (8) kilometers from Mandeville via the Winston Jones Highway.

This noble institution commenced operation in September 1969 under the Principal-ship of Mr. Caswell Burton, with a staff compliment of fifteen (15) teachers, administrative and  ancillary staff or eight (8) and six hundred (600) students, as Bellefield Junior Secondary School.

 In the early years, the school's academic focus was on preparing students who entered at grade seven for the Technical High School Examination and Grade Nine Achievement Test (GNAT).

In order to provide more educational opportunities for the community, the school started an evening institute in January 1970 to provide tuition for the Jamaica School Certificate (JSC) Examinations and General Certificate of Education Examinations. Classes in these areas were over subscribed and the students' performances were exceptional.

In 1974, the Government of Jamaica restructured the Secondary Education System and Bellefield became a new Secondary School. Students were now offered five (5) years of Secondary Education, grade seven to eleven. Strong vocational programmes were added to the curriculum. the school became a double-shift system in 1974, Shift One (7:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon) and Shift Two (12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m.). The school was among the first set of schools to be upgraded to Comprehensive High School in 1991 and received eighty (80) Common Entrance Awardees and thirty five (35) students from the Grade Nine Achievement Test (GNAT) in that year.

The school curriculum was again revised, placing more emphasis on Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examinations while catering for students at both ends of the continuum. 

Bellefield High School has a very profound sporting tradition, having made it to regional finals in football, cricket, netball and athletic competitions.

The extra curricula activities are time-tabled to emphasize the importance of our students to develop deeper interpersonal relationships and enhancing the concept of interdependence, social tolerance, uniqueness, leadership, networking, team work and respect for each other.


                              MISSION STATEMENT

It is the mission of this institution to educate the total person.

We therefore acknowledge and seek to cater to each student's uniqueness: physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

We recognize individuality, encourage feelings of self-worth and to try to develop self-direction and respect for others.

we endeavor to equip students with survival skills to face the outside world.

The success of this institution is dependent on the participation of the students, the parents, the teachers and the wider community.  


                                 SCHOOL'S MOTTO




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